DXN Marketing Plan Earn Money $20000 per months  DXN platform is great in the world so dxn product change your health, wealth, happiness and freedom life.You are going to join the DXN using the products, adding P.V to your account and your status will increase
When you enter> 100pv = 6%
Collecting the same> 300pv = 9%
Collecting the same> 1000 pv = 12%
Collecting the same> 2000pv = 15%
Collecting the same> 3250pv = 18%
Star Agent> 4500pv = 21%

4500pv in account will 21% of the amount ✓ ✓ will receive a bonus and the term will be a Star Agent.
In order to reach 21% of 25%, the account must have reached 300pv, while Agent Qentified 25% has a bonus. Out of 300pv section, 21% will be found.
GPV 200pv + PPV100pv = 300pv
QSA = 25% ✓ will be found
The Star Agent Group Bonus will be 6% -21%

Similarly, which was shown to this Mathias Star Agent, by taking your dude line business partner like Same, then your status again again!
4500pv = 1-Star Agent = 27%
4500pv = 2-Star Agent = 29%
4500pv = 3-Star Agent = 31%
You will get Star Ruby> 31% ✓ a bonus
+ 1 motivated bonuses
Up to 4500, 3 Star Agents have been up to 4500 in the account and have 4500pv + 1500pv = 6000pv
Take you DXN Cumpany
Mobile Use
Earns = SAR 850✓!

And this whole DXN lover above this Star Agent comes to an opportunity with the Dxn System TSIP, you can travel across different countries, which is targeted every year, to complete your account in TSIP Point that point within one year. Must be !! ✓
4500pv = 4-Star Agent = 33%
4500pv = 5-Star Agent = 35%
4500pv = 6-Star Agent = 37%

You get the status of your level after getting 6 level agents from different lines
Star Daimoand happens and you have bonus eating systems
Star Group Bonus 25% -37%
Development Bonus 15%
International Profit Sharing 2%
Leadership Bonus 15%
Travel Seminar Incentive 2%
Totally bonus income 71% ✓✓
Will eat
DXN International Cumpany Ledars

“One World One Market One Concept”

Now, the system you have taken above is the same as the same as your star companion partner, or a different system of your system from different lines in your group, then your stats will be done again.
ESD✓ 1-Star Diamond
SSD✓ 2-Star Diamond
ESSD✓ 3-Star Diamond
DD✓ 4-Star Diamond
EDD✓ 5-Star Diamond
TD✓ 6-Star Diamond
ETD✓ 7-Star Diamond
GD✓ 8-Star Diamond
EGD✓ 9-Star Diamond
CD✓ 10-Star Diamond
ECD✓ 11-Star Diamond
SCD✓ 12-Star Diamond
ESCD✓ 13-Star Diamond
DCD✓ 14-Star Diamond
EDCD✓ 15-Star Diamond
TCD✓ 16-Star Diamond
ETCD✓ 17-Star Diamond
GCD✓ 18-Star Diamond
EGCD✓ 19-Star Diamond
CA✓ 20-Star Diamond
If you are a CA, you are in the last post of the DXN system

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Good Luck!!!

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